What if domain I like is already taken

What if my domain I like is already taken?

In the most cases the name of your business is registered already.
This is not a reason from stopping, starting your presence on internet.
There are still available (you business name.net,. Org.us etc.).
The search engines will find your site base on the content of page
and keywords. Besides people mostly will not look for your name, but your service and merchandise.
Example: Very well known auto service in Spring Valley NY, had name taken by huge corporation from other part of the word.
By the same time our auto service is located on the border of dense populated Village.
Taking name of the Village “Monsey” adding to it the major business interest of our auto service “Tires” and .com.
The effect “MonseyTires.com” domain come as hit.
People from Monsey looking for tires come to the site as hot bagels.
The same trick could be applying to every business everywhere.

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